Client: ALCO
Project: Branding, Naming, Visual Identity.
Year: 2019


We've adjusted the name the client had provided.  We've tested with the audience and finally choose Villa Pacífica. In our research we found the insight that "closeness" was the most important thing. We've created the tagline "más cerca de todo". The icon of the brand is semi circular, includes in its form a house, a sun rising from the east, buildings and blanks (connoting possibilities). ⁣


The shape denotes harmony between the elements and indicates closeness to everything.

front edit edit.jpg

Project: Naming, branding, Concept, launch.

Year: 2019



Energy Brands is a regional distributor for brands for Latin America and the caribbean region. This store is in the Parque La Colina in Bogotá.

Client: Liberr
Project: Branding, Naming, Visual Identity.
Year: 2020


Branding for the Liberr app. A platform where you can offer and contract services at home. 

Liberr comes from the word, libertad (freedom), which is one of the biggest add values of the brand. The icon is a person who walk in the opportunities.

Liberr is an ongoing project where we are in charge of the designing of the on boarding, all the communication;text, ads and digital performance.

Project: 3 Reports

Layout, Design, Graphics, Infographics.
Year: 2016 - 2017



The United Nations Environment needed to deliver 3 different reports related to the mitigation of the global warning.


Project: Branding; Naming and Visual Identity.
Year: 2017


The graphic concept represents the energy, evoking an oscilloscope, which serves to record wave oscillations.

The name MOVE is an abbreviation of the whole name and also talks about movement.


Project: Branding;  Visual Identity.

Year: 2019


Agrochef is a new brand for  a fruit and vegetable delivery system.

Agrochef's typography is unique and unrepeatable. No serifs, modern, with movement, connote closeness and reliability. At the same time, the typography has straight lines, it is not total italic, denoting efficiency. It has upward movements connoting dynamism and agility.

The Agrochef icon represents a radish but at the same time a geolocator. This denotes a technological component that is a large part of the brand's value proposition.


Client: MMG (Morgan & Morgan)
Project: Magazine. Naming, Branding, Creative Direction, Design, Content, text. 
Year: 2016



MMG  wanted to develop a lifestyle magazine that shows in a very subtle way the new real estate project they were launching. 

We create the name of the magazine, the logo, the content  and the creative and art direction of the magazine. 

This project was selected as finalist in the 2018 Design Bienal of Madrid.

Project: Diagnosis, Strategy. Branding;  Visual Identity, merchandising.

Digital Strategy and Content.

Year: 2018-2019


Premium Baby is a new baby gear brand or  "Baby hardwares" brand.

The Brand Icon is an abstract form, it has
an organic shape that connotes lightness, flexibility, adaptability, modernity. Its dynamic form, connotes movement, technology, but at the same time protection.

The font used connotes stability and steadiness.

Project: Branding, Visual Identity, Packaging
Year: 2017


Amami Design is a Japanese Jewelry Design company based in Montreal, Canada.

The idea behind the logo is an expression of the  Japanese culture; to say more with less. Very thin lines with semi rounded edges symbolizes the details and the softness that Amami Design evoques.

The packaging is a black box with the brand in copper foil.

Client: Plan Estratégico Turismo Rapa Nui
Project: Tourism Branding of Easter Island. Concept, Strategy and Tagline. Teamed with Estudio Contexto Design.
Year: 2015


The goal was to create a tourism brand for Rapa Nui  to promote a more tourism. I led the design team from Estudio contexto. In which we won a public contest against 47 other agencies and designers from around the world.

Project: Diagnosis,Strategy. Branding; Tagline, Visual Identity, Brochure, merchandising, etc.
Year: 2017


We did a diagnosis to define the services categories and the core of the business.


We have created the tagline, storytelling and the graphic expression of the brand.


The main icon is a frog, which represents the rainforest in a simple way. This icon was inspired from Atelopus limosus frog. 

Client: United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Project: Visual Identity and Design of LAC Cooling Assessment Report 
Year: 2014


The goal was to create a name and visual identity for LAC Cooling Assessment Report.

The length of the project was 6 months.

Client: KANAT
Project: Diagnosis,Strategy. Branding; Naming, Visual Identity, Brochure, merchandising, etc.
Year: 2018


KANAT is a new company that born from Hydrogeocol. Both companies are focus in underground water and project management. The name comes from qanat, a hydrogeological infrastructure for the capture of a layer of underground water. This technique had its origin in Persia in the 1st millennium BC. C., and extended east and west, from North Africa.

The icon is the K, representing the underground water.


Client: EHREKE
Project: Branding, Visual Identity.
Year: 2017


EHREKE is a law firm based in Paraguay.  They are focused on business law and helping investors to manage their assets in Paraguay.


The brand evokes soberness, elegance and modernity.


In spite of being simple, the typographic combination achieves harmony and sophistication.

Client: Natalie Ríos Nutrición Responsable
Project: Visual Identity.
Year: 2019


A brand that reflects the professionalism, responsibility, freshness and well-being that good nutrition implies. Natalie Ríos is a nutrition center that conducts clinical consultations, corporate alliances and workshops for professionals.

Client: Metiv Israel
Project: Annual Report Herzog Trauma Center
Year: 2014


Layout and design of the Annual Report of the Metiv Trauma Center of Israel

Client: Donde José Restaurant
Project: Strategy, Branding, Brand Protocol
Year: 2014 - 2017


Donde Jose is a high-end restaurant located in the old quarter of Panama City.


The challenge was to understand the mind of the Chef Jose Carles and build toghether the brand vision, mision, the story we were going to tell and define from there the brand, graphic pieces, etc.


It was voted as "the most innovative in Panamanian cuisine"  in 2015 and 2016 and feature in the 50 Best as one of the most exciting places to visit in 2017.


Client: Donde José
Project: Los Cuentos de José

Menu Booklet
Year: 2020


Layout and design of Donde Jose's menú called Los Cuentos de Jose. This booklet resembles the authentic panamanian people and cuisine. 

This project was selected in the 2020 Design Bienal of Madrid.

Client: Chaco
Project: Brand Experience;

Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama.
Year: 2018


The best way of understanding this brand is experience and what could be better then curate adventures in the middle of Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica, where we took influencers of 3 countries involve in the digital launching. 

We create the #ChacoAdventure having as a result lots of media coverage and instant amount of followers in our brand new social media accounts in the region.


Client: Chilean Government and Private Sector
Project: Nation Branding
Year: 2006


The goal was to create a brand that served as a tourist brand and at the same time promote the investments in the country and be a good back up for exports.

This logo was created while Dulce Romero was part of  Interbrand Chile. She did it with Juan Pablo Schiattino.


Prize: Chile País Diseño prize in 2007.

Client: Nestlé, Milo
Project: Packaging (8 formats)
Year: 2005


Milo wanted to refresh their packaging, but respecting their original guidelines and adding more energy.The challenge was to use all the elements already provided but presenting it a more creative and clean way. 

The project included 8 different formats over 9 months. This work was done in collaboration with Juan P. Schiattino in Interbrand Chile.

This project its been done by Dulce Romero while she was working on Interbrand Chile.

mail:    phone: +507 658 25268    skype: dulceromero    address:  Ph Villa del Mar 21 C, Panama City, Panama