Client: LUA

Visual Identity, Strategy, Concept, Tagline and Pattern for diapers. Year 2020

Lua is an eco-conscious diaper brand. The tagline earth and baby care talks about caring for the earth and the baby. The diaper patterns evoke a fresh, modern and fun style for both baby and mother.


The goal of the project was to express not only the conscious character of the brand, but also the  fresh, young, light and hip style that the brand wants to be perceived as.

"From the constellations in the sky, to the dephts of the ocean, from the most perfect designs, to the tenderness of baby care, the natural world has always inspired humans.

Today the earth needs us more than ever and we need to take care of our home. By taking care of the earth, we are taking care of our future".

Lua_original_Mesa de trabajo 1 copia 6.j

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